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Approx (APPNBC06W) Laptop Cooler, up to 15.6″, USB, Fan, White, Ergonomic, LED, Retail

Use your laptop or notebook comfortably. Its light weight and its 1 fan will make this product the ideal companion

Asus ROG 17″ Ranger BP2701 Lightweight Gaming Backpack, Water Repellent, Luggage Strap, 22 Litre

  ROG Ranger BP2701 lightweight gaming backpack made of water-repellent material, with multiple pockets, fits up to a 17-inch laptop

Asus ROG Ranger BC1001 Multi-style Waist Pack, Three Compartments, Water-Repellent, Reflective Logo

ROG Ranger BC1001 multi-style waist pack, featuring water-repellent exterior, waterproof zip, reflective logo and three compartments for easy organization.  

Asus ROG Ranger BP1500 15.6″ Laptop Backpack, Water Resistant, Black

  Pack the Power, Pack the Attitude Stylish, gaming-inspired design: Stand out from the crowd with the cyber-text pattern, military-style

Spire 15.6″ Laptop Carry Case, Black with front Storage Pocket

This stylish, black carry case can take laptops up to 15.6". It is lightsweight and comes with double front pocket