All-day activity record

Fitbit Ace 2 tracks all-day steps and active minutes to show how every move,skip and jump adds up to a healthier,more active life.


Since Fitbit Ace 2 is swimproof,kids can wear it in the shower,pool and beyond. It is water resistant to 50 m.

Long-lasting battery

With days of battery life,Fitbit Ace 2 lets kids spend less time charging and more time moving.

Comfy and secure

Kids love to move,so Fitbit Ace 2 is designed for up,down,all-around action with a durable silicone band and an adjustable clasp.

Fun incentives

With virtual badges and avatars,kids have constant motivation to get moving with the family and find different ways to their buds.

Fitbit app:parent view

Parents set up a family account and create child accounts accordingly. In Parent View,they can easily see kids’activity and approve their connections. Family account and parental consent required for children 12 and under.

Fitbit app:kid view

Through the protected Kid View,kids can only see limited data like their stats,badges and clock face options.

Clock faces

Kids can easily swap the clock face on their Fitbit Ace 2 so they touchscreen looks exactly the way they like it.

Reminders to move

In the app,parents can set friendly reminders for kids to move and stretch their legs if they’ve been sitting in one spot for too long.

Sleep tracking

Fitbit Ace 2 lets you know if kids are getting the rest they need since good sleep habits play a big role in their health and well-being.

Bedtime reminders and alarms

Use the Fitbit app to schedule bedtime reminders and silent alarms that easily wake kids with quiet buzzing on their wrists.

Call alerts

Kids who own a smartphone will love getting call notifications on their wrists – and parents will love how much easier it is to get in touch.

Simple button and touchscreen

With one easy button and backlit display,it’s easy for kids to navigate and see stats.

Timer and stopwatch

Use timer and stopwatch features right on kids’wrists to guide homework time,any “race you to the end of the block”invitations and more.

On-screen dashboard

An easy-to-use dashboard consolidates all the key activity tracking kids need to build healthy habits they’ll use for a lifetime.

Wireless sync

Fitbit Ace 2 connects to Android,iOS and Windows devices to give a full picture of your child’s health and wellness.


Product Description Fitbit Ace 2 activity tracker with band – watermelon/teal
Product Type Activity tracker
Connectivity Bluetooth
Supported Host Device OS iOS,Android,Windows
Display Monochrome OLED
Input Touch screen,touch buttons
Tracking Data Time,activity,steps taken
Band Watermelon/teal – band – silicone
Fits Wrist with Circumference 117-168 mm
Features Changeable band,inactivity alert,incoming calls notification
Battery Run Time Up to 5 day(s)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 20.5 mm x 12.7 mm x 21.8 mm
Weight 20 g
Manufacturer Warranty 1-year warranty


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Designed For: Kids