• Bluetooth Connection
  • Effective Noise Cancellation
  • IP55 Rated

A New Level Of Wireless Audio Quality

Vivo Wireless Sport Earphones support LDAC – a revolutionary audio coding technology. It allows approximately three times more data that traditional Bluetooth earphones. This greatly reduces lost sound quality during transmission

Gold Certificate Approved For Outstanding Quality

With the Prestigious Hi-res Wireless Audio Certificate, Vivo Wireless Sport Earphones can achieve excellent balance across all frequencies. Whether you like fired-up rock-n-roll or tranquil classical music, the quality is instantly noticeable and always enjoyable.

40 Processes For Crisp & Bright Sound

The double-layer sound chamber is crafted using over 40 complex processes, including CNC carving and anodization. Two vents – one each at the front and back – balance the level of venting from the earphone and ear canal, making low-frequencies pure and bouncy. The final result is clear, crisp and perfectly balanced

Sweat or Rain, Not A Problem

with a precision structure designed to be IP55 waterproof, vivo wireless sport earphones are always reliable; whether you’re sweating in the gym or jogging through drizzle